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Registering and Editing New Users in Javelin


This article shows how to set up the initial admin account through the Registration page, as well as how to set up and edit other users.

For information about User Roles, see this article.




After installing and setting up Javelin, the administrator can setup his/her initial admin login on a one-time Javelin Registration page. This user account should then be used to create other admins or users.




  • Javelin has two roles, User and Admin, and offers Groups that users can be added to in order to set permissions in bulk.
  • Files and Folders can be restricted to certain users or groups based on permissions set for a particular file or folder.
  • In addition to Javelin's User and Group Management System, Javelin supports Active Directory and LDAP Integration. Javelin does not support a mixed mode and forces Administrators to either integrate with Active Directory or an LDAP service, or use Javelin’s User and Group management system.
  • User accounts and logins for Javelin users must be created by an administrator. The application supports multiple logins per account and has no session expiry.


Active Directory and LDAP Integration

You have the option of integrating an Active Directory or LDAP list of Users and Groups into Javelin.


Javelin does not support a mixed mode and forces Administrators to either integrate with Active Directory or an LDAP service, or use Javelin’s User and Group management system.


Javelin always communicates with the Active Directory or LDAP server upon login for determining the groups an individual is in.

  • Javelin does not copy the group members across into a local copy that has to be synced. Active Directory or LDAP integration is used only to synchronize Users and Groups in Javelin while File and Folder Permissions are still handled on the Javelin level.
  • When active directory is in use, users cannot be added or removed.

Setting up New Users via Javelin

A user with administrator privileges can add new users on the Admin tab by clicking the Add User button .


Details such as email, first name, last name, password and role are needed to create a new user. If there are any invalid entries, validation errors will be displayed and the user will be prompted to enter valid information.


Note: There will not be an automatic email sent to the user when a new user account is created; the administrator is responsible for providing the login information to newly created users.

Modifying User Details

An existing users’ details (like name and role) can be modified by the administrator on the Users page (under the Admin tab) by clicking on the Edit icon on the right side of the screen. This will bring up a new window for editing User Details.

  • All user details except the email address can be modified.
  • Only admins can change user roles.
  • An admin can reset the password for other users in the system.
  • Non-admin users can edit name and password by clicking on My Account.



My Account

A user can access the My Account link on top of the application that allows user to changes their user information such as first name, last name and password. A user can change his/her password by entering the current password and a valid password that meets the password criteria.


Note: A user may not change his/her email address; a new account must be requested from the admin if a different email account must be used.



Forgot Password

A user can reset his/her password using the Forgot Password link on the login page by entering his/her email address. A reset password link will be emailed to the user.

Note: In order for Forgot Password to work, the administrator must have preiously set up the email configuration settings under   Admin>Configuration section.

Deactivating Users

Users can be deactivated by the admin by clicking the Deactivate icon on the Users page. Once a user is deactivated, they cannot be modified and will not be able to login to the Javelin application. Deactivated users can be re-activated using the Activate icon.  An admin can deactivate all users including other admins, but cannot deactivate his/her own account.


Note: Users cannot be completely deleted in Javelin. They can only be deactivated.