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AutoTag in Excel, version 12


Features introduced into AutoTag for Excel in version 12.


Hidden items

XLSX templates now handle:

  1. Hidden rows/columns
  2. Frozen rows/columns (top/left) and where the displayed part top left corner cell is.
  3. Worksheets that are not printed (but visible in Excel).
  4. The cell range set for the printer.
  5. Excel pane freezes.

For all of the above:

  • When the generated report is XLSX, it is carried across.
  • For other outputs, Windward defaults to rendering what would be printed. There are settings to ignore any of these items so it all goes to the printed output.

Horizontal page breaks

AutoTag 12 supports horizontal page breaks in XLSX. This is where the worksheet is so wide it does not fit on a single page and runs off to the right. This will be paged below in the output (except XLSX where it already works fine).

Like Excel, if a single column is wider than the page, that one column will run off the right side.

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