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Linked Text Boxes (version 13)


.Linked_TextBoxes_Gradient.pngVersion 13 lets you work with linked text boxes that contain normal text as well as Windward tags to gracefully handle dynamic output.


Want to upgrade to version 13? Head to our downloads page.


A basic example contains two text boxes in a Microsoft Word document on separate pages that we refer to as the Atlantic text box and the Pacific text box. The Atlantic text box is positioned on page one of our document and the Pacific text box is positioned on page two. After inserting the text boxes, you can directly link them, creating your own "Panama Canal" to funnel your text.


View the linked text boxes example.

Step-by-Step Description


Set up your text boxes.

  1. Create a new blank Microsoft Word Document.
  2. Insert a text box on page one (Atlantic, height 7.75”, width 2.5”).
  3. Insert a text box on page two (Pacific,   height 7.75”, width 2.5”).
  4. Copy a segment of text or a dynamically expanding item like a forEach loop and paste it into the Atlantic text box

Link your text boxes.

  1. Select the Atlantic text box.
  2. From the Drawing Tools tab in the ribbon select Create Link.
  3. Position the pouring pitcher icon  on the Pacific text box and click.

Run Your Report

  1. Run your report by selecting your output format and run your report.


Congratulations, you have now linked two text boxes enabling text overflow from the Atlantic text box to continue in the Pacific text box



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