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Editing PODs


Once you’ve created a POD file, you can edit it to update or remove information in the POD(s) contained within.


Choosing a file

Click on the Edit POD file button under the Create PODs button in the AutoTag Manager tab.



Choose the POD file you want to edit from the dialog box that pops up—in this example, we’ll choose the POD Example.rdlx file.


Editing the file

Once you’ve selected the POD file you want to edit, you’ll see a window listing all the PODs that file contains.


Changing and Deleting PODs

From the POD editing window, click the Delete button to remove a POD from the file, or click the Edit button to change the name and description of a POD.



Once you’ve finished editing your POD file, click the Close button to go back to editing your template.

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