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The Data Wizard


The Data Wizard is found when you have selected the Chart Tag. The Data Wizard walks you step by step through complex series and simple series charting. data_wizard_1.png

The Data Wizard



When you data source is connected it will appear in the Data Wizard on the left hand side. Drag and drop the appropriate X/Y data for the series you wish to chart.



Select Next. The next step is to name your series, for this example of the chart for US Population we will name the series "US POPULATION" see that the bottom table begins to fill out with your charts information.



Select Next, the next window you need to specify the series you will be using, so drag and drop the series node into the window. This is where your data is stored, and now can be accessed through AutoTag



Select Next. A new "data node" will now be in the left side pane. Drag and drop your x axis data in to the X axis window. For this example our X axis is the year. The table below will now fill in the years.



This window now asks for the Y axis data to be defined. For this example "population" is our Y axis data. As you can see in the table below the x and y axis data is now filled in.



You have now completed your chart. By clicking finish the Data Wizard will disappear and the Tag builder will have everything filled out. Just select save tag and your chart is finished.


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