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autotag-wiki-logo.pngThe Drill Down Tag and BI mode are DEPRECATED as of version 13.


Drill down is a link in your report where it will bring up a sub-report. (The link can actually be to anything, but it is almost always a sub-report showing more details for the item composing the link.) This sub-report replaces the report you are presently viewing.

If the sub-report has variables defined for it, the ad-hoc variables at the top will be replaced with the variables for the sub-report. Otherwise there will be no ad-hoc variables displayed.

The previous and forward menu items give you the ability to return back to the report you drilled down from (previous). And at that point, return to the report you drilled down to before (forward).

Keep in mind that you always have a single report that you are viewing. The previous/forward reports are not retained and hidden, they are re-generated when you drill down or click previous/forward. And in all those cases, that replaces the report you are presently viewing.


For drill-down to work, you must:

  1. Be running on a system where the Windward B.I. system is installed. The link uses the wrddp: protocol (instead of file:, http:, etc.). This protocol handler is part of the Windward B.I. system and if it is not installed, Office has no idea how to handle the link.
  2. The detail template must be on the user's system and in the expected folder (generally the same folder as the master template). If the template cannot be found, it cannot be run.
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