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Creating Reports with Drill Down - SQL Datasource

autotag-wiki-logo.pngThe Drill Down tag and BI mode are DEPRECATED as of version 13.


Drill Down is a feature that creates links in your report that link to a sub-report on each value inside the drill down tag.



Creating the Base Template

  1. Watch the video Creating Templates for AdHoc Query for an SQL Datasource

Creating a Sub-Report Template

  1. Watch the video Creating Sub-Report Templates for drill down for an SQL Datasource.

Adding the DrillDown Tag to the Main Report Template

  1. In the Product Sales table in the report template, add a space before the ProductName Out tag.
  2. Go back one space so that the out tag is no longer selected, and click the Tag Builder.
  3. Select Drilldown, and click the Select tab.
  4. Click value, then click browse.
  5. Browse to the location of your product sales inner file, select it, and click Open.
  6. Under nickname, type “[product drill].”
  7. Under Variables, click the more button.
  8. Click the dropdown menu, and expand var1. Select ProductID, and click OK.
  9. Click Save Tag.
  10. Click after the ProductName tag in the table and add a space.
  11. Click tags, End DrillDown tag.
  12. Save the file.

Entering B.I. Mode and Running a Query

  1. In the AutoTab Designer tab, click Go to AutoTag.
  2. In the AutoTag BI menu, click the dropdown for the product variable.
  3. Click select items, and select a few products.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Click the dropdown for the order variable.
  6. Click Filters, between.
  7. Enter June 6th of 1997 for the lower bound and June 6th of 1998 for the upper bound.
  8. In the AutoTag tab, click Run Query.

Viewing your Sub-Report

  1. Hold control and click one of the product names.
    Note: You must hold control because of Microsoft Word settings.

    Note: Axes can be formatted to show dates and currency correctly in either the inner template file or in the output report
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