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Define Variables for Drill Down


The Drill Down tag has been DEPRECATED as of Version 13.


When the user clicks on a drill-down link, generally they are running a template that provides details of an item listed in the parent report. The parent report generally has a list of these items, each with different details for the drill-down. This is handled by having one or more variables in the detail report that identify which item to display details on.

This is set generally by assigning a value to the detail report for that variable from a member variable in a forEach loop's ${var}.


This will set name=${var1.EmployeeID} in the tag. When it generates the master report, it will be changed to name=1 in the first row of the table, name=2 in the second row, etc. When the link is clicked on, that value is set to that detail variable which then generates the correct detail report.

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