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Ad-hoc Filters

autotag-wiki-logo.pngAutoTag B.I. mode has been DEPRECATED as of version 13.  


Filters let you set logical conditions for what variable values will be used when running the report. 


Using filters gives you the ability to set 1 or 2 conditions against the column(s) returned by a select variable.


And clicking on any filter choice will bring up:


The left-most edit field lists all columns returned by this select variable. You can select different columns in the first and second condition (although that would be very unusual). The column type determines what conditions are allowed.

The middle edit field lists all conditional tests that are valid for the column type. For example, a string cannot have a "less than" condition.

The right edit field is the value to test against. This will have a different editor depending on if the column type is a number, date, or text.

Select And if both conditions must be true to use a value, and Or if either condition is sufficient.

If you only want 1 condition, leave the selected column blank on the second row.

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