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Ad-hoc Parameters

autotag-wiki-logo.pngAutoTag B.I. mode has been DEPRECATED as of version 13.  


Info on including variables in an ad hoc report.



By clicking on Select Item(s) you will get a tree of allowed values to select from. If there are more than 10,000 rows of data, this will show only the first 10,000 rows. In this case there will be a warning by the OK button. This tree will be nested if set to be grouped, such as dates grouped by year, then month, then day.

The (Select All) will if checked select all, and if unchecked de-select all. You can select any number of items in this mode.

The "search..." editor will display all rows that match the search. Type in the desired text and then click the magnifying glass button in the editor.

  • The search text can include *? wildcards.
  • The search automatically places a * at the beginning and end of the search text. So searching for "and" is really searching for "*and*"
  • If there are more than 10,000 results, then a search is run against the underlying data, looking for a match of the text against any of the columns in the data. In this cases a search does not columns. So a search of "Pears (30" against the above data will work if there are less than 10,000 products, but will find nothing if there are more than 10,000 rows.


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