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Output Formats for AutoTag


Once a template has been created and saved, AutoTag offers a variety of outputs for your finished report. In the output your report will have the correct data inserted into the place holder tags with the formatting you created using Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Output Formats

  • Word DOCX document, a basic Microsoft Word document. (We do not support .doc)
  • XLSX, the format for Excel spreadsheets for versions 2007 and higher. (We do not support.xls)
  • PPTX, the format for Microsoft PowerPoint documents. (We do not support .ppt)
  • PDF, or Portable Document Format, allows you to create a formatted document and preserve its layout no matter which program or software was used to create it. This allows you to share your document with a large number of people, because the PDF reader software is free and ubiquitous.
  • HTML web page.  We support a couple of varieties here, such as with or without CSS.  Note: Outlook does not support CSS in HTML documents very well. (HTML was substantially improved in version 13.)
  • Printer output is where a document is sent directly to your available printer with the inserted data intact.
  • RTF, or Rich Text Format, is compatible with almost all word processors (Word, WordPad, Open Office Writer, Google documents, etc.). It allows you to exchange files between word processors for different operating systems. RTF has been around for a while and so is available for earlier versions of word processors.
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