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Customize the AutoTag Menu in MS Office


You can customize the two AutoTag menu tabs in Microsoft Office. You do this by replacing the XML file that defines the menu items. You cannot add functionality with this, but you can delete or move buttons in the menu.

This functionality is officially supported. However, help with this is professional services and is not included under standard support.


When Office starts it reads an XML file that is the AutoTag ribbon in Word/XL/PPT. This is the file customui.xml that is embedded in AutoTag2013.dll as a resource (full name/location is This defines the buttons, text, functionality, etc. of the AutoTag part of the ribbon.

If there is a filename set as the registry value for HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Windward Studios\Auto Tag!ribbon-menu then it will use that file instead. This can be a local file or a file on a network share. This file can be read-only.

If you wish to do this, ask Windward support for the current customui.xml (we will only provide the file for the latest release). Start with that and then delete/move items as you wish.

For more information on the MS Office ribbon, please review the Microsoft documentation on the ribbon.

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