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Running a template that requires a login to read


Running a template that requires a login to read.


Implemented in Version 12.0

When you open a document in Office from a site that requires a login to read the DOCX/PPTX/XLSX file, Office will prompt you for your credentials (username & password) which you enter, and can then edit the file. Unfortunately Office does not provide the underlying template to AutoTag. And it does not provide the login credentials.

Therefore, when AutoTag needs to read the template directly, the first time it will prompt you again for the username and password to directly read the template. Please enter your credentials again and then AutoTag can read the template. AutoTag will then save those credentials while it is running for any subsequent time it needs to read the template.

When you exit Office, if AutoTag has the data source credentials options not set to "do not store" (the default is not set to this), it will save the credentials encrypted under the user's login. In this case another application run by the same user on the same machine can decrypt the saved credentials. If the options are set to "do not store" then the credentials will not be saved when Office exits and will have to be re-entered.


Enter your username and password. If you don't know which protocol to use, try basic first, then digest. When you click OK, if there is an error, this window will be displayed again with the error message at the bottom.

AutoTag needs to read the template directly when it generates a report, adds variables, and several other functions.