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AutoTag Max is for companies that want to put the power of report design and generation into the hands of business professionals, thereby freeing up IT staff to focus on other work. Many reporting, document generation and mail merge programs on the market today require significant IT involvement. Because AutoTag Max users design reports in Microsoft Office and can run, schedule and distribute reports with a few button clicks, there is little learning curve.

AutoTag Max Features:

The AutoTag Report Design Tool

One of the biggest expenses in the report creation process correlates to the design tool's ease-of-use. AutoTag Max allows users to design templates in Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint. Because Microsoft Office is a suite of programs most professionals already know how to use, there's little learning curve. Windward customers report that creating and revising reports is at least 10 times faster than with other reporting systems.

Data Layout

Users don't need to learn complicated code in order to insert data into their reports and other documents, because wizards and drag-and-drop functionality connect templates to their data. Windward handles a variety of data sources, including SQL databases, XML files, and Excel spreadsheets.

Report Generation and Scheduling Capabilities

Users can run reports with the click of a button, and they can produce documents in a wide array of outputs. Plus, a flexible report scheduler allows users to generate reports whenever they are needed.

Quick Glance Summary:

Report Design

Data Layout

Report Generation

  • Report design in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint (click here to view interface)

  • Full-featured charts, graphs, and other visuals

  • Business professionals edit templates without relying on IT staff, which means increased company productivity

  • Easy access to data for non-programmers

  • Capable of handling data from a wide range of sources, including Excel spreadsheets, XML files and SQL databases (click here to view a full list of data sources)

  • Preserves security features of existing database provisions

  • Reports run at the click of a button from within Microsoft Office

  • A powerful and flexible automated report scheduler

  • A wide array of available outputs including DOCX, PDF, RTF, HTML, XLSX and PPT (click here to view a full list of outputs)

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