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The AutoTag Max Interface


AutoTag Max adds two tabs, AutoTag and Report Manager, to Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

  • In the AutoTag tab, you create and edit tags. 
  • In the Report Manager tab, you perform miscellaneous tasks. 

Interfaces vary slightly for differing versions of Office. This page provides details on each function, to see exactly what your AutoTag interface will look like, see the pages for Office 2003Office 2007, and Office 2010.

AutoTag Tab in Office 2007


AutoTag Tab in Office 2010

Office 2010 interface.PNG

Data Menu

pod_icon.pngPods. Pods contain pre-defined groups of tags that you can drag and drop into report templates.

data_bin_icon.pngData Bin. The Data Bin contains all the data that is accessible from a particular report template. You can drag and drop items from the Data Bin into your template.

Tags Menu

tag_icon.pngTags. Windward Reports lets you insert a variety of data types, including single pieces of data, charts, images, tables and more. Each type of data is associated with a tag type. When you click the Tag icon, a pop-up window shows you all the tag types.

validate_tag_icon.pngValidate Tags. You can check to make sure tags are formatted properly by using this icon.

select_tag_icon.pngSelect Tag. This selects the tag you have your cursor on. It is especially useful when working with text tags.

delete_tag_icon.pngDelete Tag. When you place your cursor on a tag and click this icon, the tag is deleted.

next_icon.pngprevious_icon.pngNext and Previous. Use these icons to quickly jump from tag to tag in a template.

output_icon.pngOutput. To run a report, you click this icon and then choose the desired output format (HTML, PDF, DOCX, etc.)

Select Menu

The exact menu you see will vary, depending upon where you are in a template and what it contains, but there are typically three main items:

select_bar.pngSelect box. This contains the select statement, also known as a call or a query to a data source, that tells the template what data to retrieve when the report is run.

evaluate_icon.pngEvaluate. When you select a tag and click the Evaluate icon, a pop-up window shows you the real-time data associated with that tag.

wizard_icon.pngWizard. The wizard walks you step by step through selecting a subset of data to use in a report.

 Report Manager Tab in Office 2007


Report Manager Tab in Office 2010

Office 2010 RM.PNG

Wizards Menu

new_template_icon.png New Template. The New Template wizard walks you through connecting a blank template to a data source.

Data Menu

parameters_icon.pngParameters. Useful when working with a template containing variables, parameters let you find undetermined variables and enter default values and types.

data_sources_icon.pngData Sources. This lists all the data sources a template is connected to.

load_pods_icon.pngLoad Pods. This icon lets you load groups of tags (pods) into a template.

create_pods_icon.pngCreate Pods. Create Pods lets users create groups of tags that can be used in other templates.

edit_rdlx_icon.pngEdit RDLX. This lets you edit pod files.


convert_tag_icon.pngConvert Tags. This converts all the tags in a document from text to field or vice versa, depending upon how they are selected in the AutoTag options.

replace_icon.pngReplace. This tools lets you find and replace text in tags throughout a document.

AutoTag Max

Schedule Report. The wizard walks you through creating a report that will be run on a reoccurring basis.

view_scheduled_reports_icon.pngView Scheduled Reports. Use this icon to view a list of all the reports (not just from this particular template) that have been scheduled and to view generated reports.


options_icon.pngOptions. AutoTag's options control how tags are read and how they display in your template. The AutoTag Max tab in the Options dialog allows you to pause, resume, stop, and start AutoTag Server, turn the report scheduler database on or off, and set the email server.

license_icon.pngLicense. You can update and view your license key via this icon.

website_icon.pngWebsite. This links to the Windward Reports website.

about_icon.pngAbout. Basic info about AutoTag Max, such as version number and license expiration date (if any).

help_icon.pngHelp. The Windward Reports Help file.

start_here_icon.pngStart Here. Links to resources including the Start Here Guide and sample templates.

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