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Using Barcode Fonts


This article explains how to use a barcode font in AutoTag and also provides a sample template.


  1. Download barcodes from the following page on our site. You will find them at the very bottom of the page under the Misc. Downloads section:
  2. Open the ZIP file, double click on the TTF file and install the file when it opens in Windows. You now have barcodes installed in your version of Office.
  3. Use the attached barcode sample template (a barcode can be added to any Out Tag in any template):

Variable Invoice Barcode Sample - Template.docx

  1. Test the template by clicking the Output button.
  2. Select an Out Tag that is used for a barcode, then change the font to any other font that is not barcode related (i.e. Times New Roman).
  3. Original processed tag text is shown.


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