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Locale and Resources


The Windward Java Engine has resources for numerous locales. It loads the resources for the system locale. This can be overridden with the system.locale setting in


In the case of Windows, when displaying in a DOS box, the default is for DOS to display codepage 437, which is the old IBM PC OEM codepage with the line drawing characters in the upper 128. If you want to display your local text correctly in a DOS box while running Windward Reports, here's how:

  1. Set the DOS box to use a True Type font - usually Lucida Console is the only choice, preferably bold.

  2. run chcp 1252 - where 1252 is the Western Europe code page. Valid codepage numbers are:

874 (Thai)

932 (Japanese Shift-JIS)

936 (Simplified Chinese GBK)

949 (Korean)

950 (Traditional Chinese Big5)

1250 (Central Europe)

1251 (Cyrillic)

1252 (Latin I - Western Europe)

1253 (Greek)

1254 (Turkish)

1255 (Hebrew)

1256 (Arabic)

1257 (Baltic)

1258 (Vietnam)

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