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Third-Party Libraries


The Windward Java Engine requires several third-party libraries to run. These libraries are all installed in the lib subdirectory of your Java Engine installation.


This is the list of libraries as of Java Engine version


JAR Filename Description Version
WindwardReports.jar Windward Engine (not for Android) {Windward version}
WindwardCustomFunctions.jar Sample custom macros {Windward version}
WindwardCustomCallbacks.jar Sample custom events {Windward version}
ChartDirector-6.0.0.jar Charting library 6.0.0
commons-codec-1.6.jar  Used for uuencode & uudecodeing 1.6
commons-io-2.1.jar  Used for HTML output  2.1
commons-lang-2.6.jar   Used by jfreechart  2.6
dom4j-1.6.1.jar  XML handling - SAX and DOM  1.6.1

PDF output

(version 15 and later uses internal PDF generation code)

jaxen.jar   XPath processing for dom4j 1.1.1
jcommon.jar   Used for gauges 1.0.13
jfreechart.jar   Used for gauges 1.0.13
json-path-2.1.0.jar JSON query library 0.8.0
json-smart-2.2.jar JSON dependency 1.1
slf4j-api-1.7.5.jar JSON dependency 1.7.5
log4j.jar  Logging program 1.2.12
mongo-java-driver-2.11.1.jar MomgoDB query library 2.11.1
mscorlib.jar  Stubs to match IKVM (.net engine)  {Windward version}
odata4j-0.7.0-clientbundle.jar OData client 0.7.0
relaxngDatatype.jar Datatyping for XPath results N/A
xsdlib.jar Datatyping for XPath results 20030225
woodstox-core-asl-4.2.0.jar Used to write XML output (including OfficeXML) 4.2.0
stax2-api-3.1.1.jar Used to write XML output (including OfficeXML) 3.1.1
commons-imaging-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar Image processing N/A

Android Only

JAR Filename Description Version
WindwardAndroid.jar Windward Engine (for Android only) {Windward version}
droidText.0.4.jar PDF output for Android 0.4




These third-party libraries are not provided in the lib directory.  If needed, they can be downloaded from the Internet.

  • JAI - if you are using bitmaps in formats other than GIF and JPG, then you must use java 1.4 or later (for version 12.5 you must use java 1.6 or later) and you must install the JAI Image I/O libraries. Please note that this is not the entire JAI library. It is just a set of additional reader-writer plug-ins for the java 1.4 classes. And you must install this, not just include the jar files in the classpath because for many operating systems it includes native libraries.  (NOTE: The JAI Image library is not actually required for the Engine to run, however for older versions of Java (1.5 or less) it provides a substantial performance improvement.  For newer versions of Java it is not necessary, as most of it has been moved into the standard Java library.)

  • JDBC - If you are accessing a SQL database, you need the JDBC drivers for that database in your classpath.

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