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RDL Converter


The RDL converter is used by those who want to convert existing .rdl files to Word or Excel templates that then could be used with AutoTag/Engine to generate final outputs.


RDL converter is a command-line utility. The main files are:



Please note: You must put a valid Windward license into the configuration file in order to use the converter.


To invoke the utility use the following syntax:

RDLConverter.exe [options]

Running the converter without any option prints usage instructions to the standard output and exits.


Options can begin with a dash (-) or a slash (/). Unknown options are ignored.


A path to a report definition file (.rdl) which is going to be converted. Multiple -rdl options are allowed. In this case all supplied .rdl files will be converted.


A path to the output file. NOTE: Currently the converter is able to produce .docx output only.] If this option is not provided, a name of the input .rdl file is used. If multiple .rdl files are provided, the names of those .rdl files are used, and the -out option is ignored.


A path to a data source definition file. This file defines data source connection options used by a report. Multiple -rds options are allowed.


Tells the converter if it should override an output file if it is already exists. Without this option the converter prints a diagnostic message and produces no output if a file specified by the -out option exists.

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