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Running the C# Example


These files can be used to create a command-line .exe which is equivalent to the runreport.exe located in the /test folder of the .NET Engine installation. The RunReport application will accommodate a variety of data source types while the RunReportXML is limited to .xml data sources.

This project will open in Visual Studio 2005 or Visual Studio 2010 and then convert the project file.




  1. Open Catapult. (Found under Start -> All Programs -> Windward Studios -> Windward Reports .NET Engine -> .NET Engine Help Launcher)
  2. In the Catapult menu, click the C# tab.
  3. Click the C# Project File button.
  4. On the toolbar at the top of the Visual Studio window, click the Debug icon.
  5. The code will run in a command line, and then automatically close.
  6. In Catapult, click the Source Directory Button.

Navigate to RunReport -> bin -> Debug.

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