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Running the Visual Basic Example


This is a simple VB forms app to show how to use our engine with VB. It includes one VB file called VBexample.vb, this includes 2 functions, SqlReport and XmlReport, which generate a report using MS SQL and XML respectively.




Open the Project File

  1. Open Catapult. (Found under Start -> All Programs -> Windward Studios -> Windward Reports .NET Engine -> .NET Engine Help Launcher)
  2. In the Catapult menu, click the VB Tab.
  3. Click the Visual Basic Project File button for either Visual Studio 2010 or Visual Studio 2005.

Run the code

  1. On the toolbar at the top of the Visual Studio window, click the Debug icon. The “Windward Visual Basic Example” dialog will come up.

Generate an Reports

  1. Click the “Generate SQL Report” button to generate a report from an SQL data source, and click the “Generate XML Report” button to generate a report from an XML data source.
  2. In the VB tab in Catapult, click Source Directory.
  3. Navigate to VisualBasicExample\Windward VB Example\bin\Debug
  4. Open the Sql Report.pdf and Xml Report.pdf files – your report outputs.
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