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PDF Output Comparison Tool


This tool was created to compare the PDF reports from an old version of AutoTag/Java Engine/.NET Engine to the reports produced from the newest version. When you provide the program with the location of all of the old reports and the location of the new reports, PDFs with the same name from each directory are compared based on the location and appearance of content.


The percentage of differences found will be written to the console: 



bold.pdftotal diff: 0.01786389084143153
page.pdftotal diff: 0.5
size.pdftotal diff: 0.1443850267379679
textbox.pdftotal diff: 0.0020854126294341598
text_color.pdftotal diff: 0.0023521504506382115


Images showing the differences found are created in the working directory from which PDFCompare is run.

What are the benefits of this tool?

When upgrading to a new version there is always the possibility of things being rearranged in your output. With this tool you can compare all your old reports to the new ones to ensure they've stayed the same.

How to run..

To run open command prompt and navigate to the directory of the .jar. 
Run with "java -jar PDFCompare.jar [OLD FILE LOCATION] [NEW FILE LOCATION]"
example :"java -jar PDFCompare.jar C:\PDF\ C:\PDFnew\"


Things to keep in mind..

  • Documents are going to be compared by filename. If the name doesn't match up in different files it won't be compared.
  • This program can be extremely slow when comparing large PDFs. 
  • Be sure to end the directories with a backslash.
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