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Running the RESTful Engine PHP Client


This is a PHP client for the RESTful Engine.

NOTE:   Windward provides this client as a courtesy, however, support is limited to the Windward API only. Windward does not provide support for PHP code. 


  1. A working RESTful Engine running on a Windows server.
  2. The requirement is a working copy of PHP with the libcurl support (which is normally on by default). Go to for more information on obtaining, installing, and configuring PHP.
  3. Download the client source code


  1. Unpack the archive.
    The archive contains two sub-folders: RESTfulEngine.PHPClient and SampleTemplates.
  2. Edit sampleinc.php and update the $serverUri variable as appropriate for your configuration.
  3. Start up a command prompt window.
  4. Navigate to the RESTfulEngine.PHPClient folder and execute the 'runallsamples.cmd' script.
    If you are on a Unix system, then run something like this
    $ for f in sample?.php; do php $f &; done
  5. Examine the generated .pdf reports.
    In case of an error, the appropriate message is printed to the console.
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