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Running the RESTful Engine Ruby Client


This page provides instruction on how to run the RESTful Engine Ruby client.


  • Ruby 2.1.3
  • All gems listed in Gemfile 
    • This is easily done by running the command "bundle install" within the RESTfulEngine_RubyClient directory
  • Download HERE.


  1. Copy the RESTfulEngine_RubyClient onto your machine
  2. CD into the RESTfulEngine_RubyClient directory
  3. Run the command "bundle install" to insure you have all necessary ruby gems
    1. If this returns an error you may need to run the command "gem install bundle"
  4. Open the file RESTfulEngine_RubyClient\Test\TestClient.rb and change the URL to match your RESTful Engine URL
  5. CD into the Test directory and run the command "ruby TestClient.rb"