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Data Source FAQs


Answers to frequently asked questions regarding data sources.



Q: What about Package Naming?

A: If your data source is for proprietary data, please do not use the net.windward.* namespace for your class. There is no need for it to be in the same namespace. If you are creating a data source for a public data API, please check with us and we will assign you a package in the net.windward.datasource.* namespace.


Q: Can data sources be written in C# for the .NET engine?

A: Yes. The ones we ship were originally written in J# but are now in C#.


Q: Can I use my data source in AutoTag?

A: We are adding this capability in the near future. However there are two caveats. First you must also implement IDataSourceMetaData which provides AutoTag with the methods used to evaluate & validate tags. Second, you will not have a wizard as that is very datasource specific.

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