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Converting from Crystal to Windward


Automatic conversion from another reporting system to Windward will, by definition, never be a 100% automated process. The approach Windward takes to report design is very different from that used by all the other systems. (This difference is what makes Windward so much better.)

Things to keep in mind when converting from another system:

  • We will generally bring objects such as text, tables, charts, etc. across fine.
  • In other reporting systems all objects have a fixed position on the page (which is part of why they don't page break well). Our convertor will instead make them part of the Word document flow. The convertor has to make assumptions in this transition and you may have to adjust object positions after the conversion.
  • Select statements will generally come across ok. We never change these.
  • Any programming, events, etc. do not come across. Windward eliminates the need for most of this. And where you do need it, Windward uses a very different approach (which is a lot easier for you to implement). This will have to be carried across by hand after the automated conversion.


Converting from Crystal at present is a two step process.

  1. Convert from Crystal to SSRS templates using or (Windward makes no guarantees about these companies).
  2. Use Windward's SSRS -> Windward conversion tool.