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Signing up for Scout


If you have signed up for Scout, you will be given an API key. With this key you can run reports that are charged to your account.

If you haven't signed up for Scout and need more information, see the following pages:

How the Pricing Works


Each plan includes a single AutoTag and has a monthly charge, an included number of Report Pages, and a price per page for Report Pages over the included number. If you select the bronze plan that has (at the time this was written) a monthly charge of $209 includes 10,000 Report Pages, and has an overage charge of $0.05/Report Page, then it works as follows:


  1. At the start of the month you are charged $209.00.
  2. Every time you run a report, the appropriate number of Report Pages are counted in your account.
  3. If you use less than 10,000 Report Pages in a month, at the start of the next month everything is reset and you have 10,000 Report Pages again. Unused Report Pages do not carry over to the next month. If you pay quarterly or yearly, the included Report Pages are still handled month by month.
  4. If you go over 10,000 Report Pages, you will then be charged for each additional Report Page at $0.05. If the additional charges exceed that maximum overage you set for your account, you will not be allowed to run additional reports that month. You will receive an automated email when your account first goes into overage and again when you hit your maximum overage spend.


Each additional instance of AutoTag is $30.00 per seat.

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What is a Report Page?

Each package includes a set number of Report Pages, which are consumed anytime you generate a report from either AutoTag or the Engine. Generating 1 page consumes 1 Report Page. For example, a 10-page report consumes 10 Report Pages and a 100-page report consumes 100 Report Pages.

When You are Charged

You will be charged the base fee at the beginning of each month (or quarter or year if you are on a quarterly or yearly plan). So you pre-pay the base.

You will be charged for overages during a month at the start of the next month along with your base fee. If during a month the overages exceed a specific amount ($125.00 at the time this is written), you will be charged at that time for the overages to date.

If your credit card fails a charge, the system will wait a set number of days (2 weeks at the time this is written) before taking your account inactive. And you will receive an email asking you to update your credit card.

The discounts applied when you purchase your plan paying quarterly or yearly apply to the base charge, but not to overages.

What is a Month?

You pay a monthly plan for a month's usage. A "month" in all discussion here is from the day of the month that you first purchased to the day before that date in the next month. So if you sign up on June 23, then June 23 - July 22 is your first month, July 23 - August 22 is your next month.

If you sign up on the 29th, 30th, or 31st, then eventually your month will start on the 28th. Assume you signed up on January 31, when does your month end in February? It has to end February 28 (29 in leap years). To keep the processing simple (and thereby avoid potential bugs), one the end day is reduced, it is never moved back up.

Changing Plans

To change a plan go to
 and change your plan. If you change to a more expensive plan, the change occurs immediately. If you change to a less expensive plan, the change occurs when your base payment is next due.

Subject to Change

All pricing, Report Page calculations, plan components are subject to change with 90 days notice. If you pay for a plan quarterly or yearly, the pricing, Report Page calculations, & plan components will not be changed until after your pre-paid period has ended.

If a change is to your benefit (ie lower prices) then the change may be applied immediately.


Updating Your Information

If you're an existing customer and need to update your information, visit

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