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Windward Callbacks Guide


(Version 13 and later) You can check and allow, change, or disapprove each select before it requests data from the datasource. You create a function that is called before each select is passed to the datasource for you to modify or refuse.

Note: This provides you a means to limit access to the datasource. However, like any security measure, it has weaknesses and we strongly recommend you use the tightest possible limitation in the access allowed in the datasource via the credentials used in addition to this functionality.


In the Java Engine, you can create a new WindwardCustomCallbacks.jar file to do this.  In the .NET engine and AutoTag you can create a new WindwardCustomCallbacks.dll file.

  1. Install the engine.
  2. Run Catapult.
  3. Under Specialized, open the Custom Callbacks sample.
  4. Edit the code to process the selects as desired.
  5. Compile the projects to create a WindwardCustomCallbacks.jar or WindwardCustomCallbacks.dll file.
  6. Copy to the folder containing the Engine (optional).
  7. Java Engine: add WindwardCustomCallbacks.jar to your classpath.
  8. .NET Engine & AutoTag: add WindwardCustomCallbacks.dll to the GAC.

See Also

There is a sample implementation of this in both the Java and .NET engine samples (in Catapult).

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