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Accessing a REST Data Source


Windward supports REST for XML data sources, but you must make sure you are querying a REST source correctly.


To test, download cURL and run the following command (replace email & password with your Windward helpdesk login credentials):

curl.exe -u email:password


This will return an XML file. Note carefully, this is an XML, not an HTML file.


Ok, step 2 is to do the same thing for the REST source you are using. There are two important things to keep in mind here.

  1. Windward, curl, and pretty much every other REST tool can handle BASIC and DIGEST authentication. But they do not support FORMS authentication. If you are using a system that uses FORMS authentication, you will need to get a stream to the XML, in your code.
  2. Make sure the return is XML, not HTML. Many implementations have pages that are HTML – and that cannot be used as an XML datasource.


Ok, you’re up and running. If you are using RunReport (Java or .NET), make sure you have the credentials in the command line:

RunReport template.docx report.docx username=your_uname password=your_pw –xml


And for AutoTag make sure you enter the username and password when defining the datasource.

If the REST source does not require credentials, then you do not need to set any username & password.

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