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All about connection strings


All about connection strings


A connection string by definition implies that you have to provide a data source provider which can be any of the vendors.

If you play around with the database connection manager in AutoTag you can see the strings being built.  You will also see the providers being changed in the connection string as you select them from the drop down menu.

Basically a connection string should contain the following.

  1. Data Provider: If you choose the native drivers (ADO.NET), the “Providers” dropdown will not be available.  This only appears if you choose either ODBC or OleDB.
  2. Server:  this is the name of the server you need to connect to
  3. Database: this is the name of the database you want to connect to
  4. Username: the username for the DB
  5. Password: the password for the DB is a great reference for building connection strings by hand.  In order for ADO.NET connectors to appear in the “Vendor” dropdown you must install the ADO.NET connector for that particular database first.  

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