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Cannot find WindwardDesktopSetup.msi or Cannot find WindwardDesktopSetup64.msi


When you try to install a new version of AutoTag or attempt to uninstall AutoTag, you get an error stating that it can't find WindwardDesktopSetup.msi or WindwardDesktopSetup64.msi



This error message typically means files related to the AutoTag install were corrupted. This is almost always due to problems stemming from a Windows upgrade.


  1. Determine the current version of AutoTag that you have installed. If you need the version number, you can go to "Control Panel" -> "Programs and Features". You will also need to know the bitness of your Office install.
  2. Download the MSI for the existing version you have installed. Older versions can be found here:
  3. Start to uninstall Windward AutoTag from "Control Panel" -> "Programs and Features".
  4. When it prompts for the MSI, browse to the one you just downloaded. It must be the same name as the one in the error message.
  5. This will let you finish the uninstall cleanly. You can now install the new version normally.
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