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Common error messages


Common Windward error messages


This is a list of the most common error messages (generally exceptions) that Windward generates.

  1. net.windward.format.rtf.RtfException: Not an RTF file (didn't start with {\rtf1 at 1, 1)

    The template file is not in the RTF format. A common problem is that someone saves the template as a DOC file, and then renames it to give it an RTF extension.

  2. net.windward.xmlreport.NodeException: file: C:\_windward.jpg could not be found

    The element referred to by xpath in <file:xpath> (in this case C:/_windward.jpg) is a filename that does not exist.

  3. Could not find a recognized imageformat.

    The element xpath’s data in <bitmap:xpath> is not a legitimate JPG or PNG file image.

  4. net.windward.xmlreport.NodeException: Template ended with 1 missing <end:>s

    The template has a <wr:if…> or a <wr:forEach…> with no matching </wr:if> or </wr:forEach>.

  5. net.windward.xmlreport.NodeException: An <end> with no matching (preceding) if/forEach - near: "<end>"

    The template has a </wr:if> or </wr:forEach> with no matching preceding <wr:if…> or <wr:forEach…>.

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