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Help! I'm having trouble downloading Windward Reports!


If for some reason you are unable to download Windward Reports (company firewall, slow connection, aliens), there are a number of things you can try.


First, contact your network administrator. See if they are able to lift the firewall or access settings on your machine for a short period of time, so that you can download the files. They may also be able to download the file for you, and send it to you via network sharing.

Your last option is to contact They can provide you with a username and password to access our public FTP server. From there, you can download the latest release. Please keep in mind our public FTP server is reset every 24 hours, so that any excess files will be purged.

Please note: We are unable to send Windward Reports via email, as it is ~30MB and most email servers/clients only handle attachments that are 8-12MB.

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