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How To Modify Settings for the Java Engine



Your settings for the Windward Java engine go in a standard Java properties file. This file can have any name and be placed in any location. If you do not tell the Windward engine where to load the file from, it will look for the file in the default directory.

Keep in mind when running in an application server that the default directory is generally set by the application server and in many cases can change each time it runs. When running under an application server always tell Windward where the properties file is.

You can set the location by either calling

System.setProperty("", "c:\apache\apps\MyApp\WEB.INF\");

or on the command line putting\apache\apps\MyApp\WEB.INF\

At a minimum you will need to put your license key in this file. If a single entry takes more than one line, you need to put a \ at the end of each line except the last one, like this:


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