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How to Translate AutoTag into Different Languages


How to Translate AutoTag into Different Languages.


There are three parts to the translation effort:

1.       In 3 XML files translating the text and description for the menu items. This is very fast & easy.

2.       Use Sisulizer to translate the text in all of the dialog boxes. This is easy because it shows you the dialog box but there is a lot to translate so it will take a couple of hours.

3.       Use Sisulizer to translate the text used within the program. In this case you have the text in English by itself and so it is a bit harder in some cases to understand what it should translate to. But there is less of this.

For someone who has been using AutoTag it should go pretty fast & easy because it will be familiar to them. And it does not have to be perfect because one person’s “perfect” translation to another person is wrong. The best approach is to do a good job, then use AutoTag in your native language for a week or two, then do a second pass on the work.

AutoTag is translated into the following languages:

  • German
  • Russian
  • Hungarian