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How to install AutoTag in a terminal server environment


Windward does not directly support nor run any QA testing for AutoTag in a terminal services environment.

However, we currently have users with AutoTag installed in a terminal services enviroment (ie: Citrix).  They have provided us with documentation on how they set up their environment.


We would also need to know the maximum number of concurrent users that would use the AutoTag application in order to build a license key that accommodates this type of setup.


The below instructions are from a current Windward user that deployed AutoTag in a Citrix WinFrame environment:


  1. Make sure enough directories are mapped to the user.
  2. Use trial and error to publish AutoTag to Citrix. The key to success is to change the read/write access to the directories that AutoTag uses for accessing those directories.
  3. Add to the startup script, for the session, the two files that AutoTag requires for startup in Word/Excel/PowerPoint.
  4. Force the user to either read a template file from their mapped local drive or from their network storage. Depending on what the developer is doing, they may be using both methods.
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