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How to uninstall AutoTag


This article will walk you through the process to remove AutoTag from a system.


To resolve the issue, follow the steps in this section.

There are 2 ways to remove AutoTag from your system

Remove AutoTag via the Programs and Features list

  • From the Control Panel select Programs and Features
  • AutoTag_Uninstall1.png
  • Scroll down and find the listing Windward AutoTag and select it
  • AutoTag_Uninstall2.png
  • Then click uninstall
  • The AutoTag uninstaller will launch and start removing the product
  • AutoTag_Uninstall3.png
  • Then verfiy in the Program and Features that AutoTag no longer exists
  • AutoTag_Uninstall4.png


Remove AutoTag via the AutoTag installer 

  • Locate and launch the AutoTag installer (if you do not have the installer you can download it here 
  • AutoTag_Uninstall5.png
  • Click next when the installer launches
  • AutoTag_Uninstall6.png
  • Select Remove and click Next
  • AutoTag_Uninstall7.png
  • Click Remove to start the AutoTag uninstall process
  • AutoTag_Uninstall8.png
  • Your files are now being removed
  • AutoTag_Uninstall9.png
  • Select None and Finish to end the uninstallation process
  • AutoTag_Uninstall10.png
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