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JAR Files Required by Windward Reports Java Engine


JAR Files Required by Windward Reports Java Engine.

The latest version of this information can always be found in the Java Engine Installation directory in the /jar/JAR_Verstions.txt file. This directory also contains all the JAR files.


The JAR files required are as follows:  

In the \lib directory there are the following JAR files and you MUST use those files as the exact versions are those that Windward expects.   

JAR Filename Description  Version 
WindwardReports.JAR Main file with all Windward Code Dependant on Windward version
WindwardCustomFunctions.jar Sample custom macros  
bcmail-jdk14-138.jar Encryption for iText  1.38.0
bcprov-jdk14-138.jar  Encryption for iText  1.38.0
commons-codec.jar Used for uuencode & uudecodeing 1.3
dom4j-1.6.1.jar XML handling - SAX and DOM 1.6.1
iText-2.1.7.jar PDF generation 2.1.7
iTextAsian.jar PDF generation of reports that use Asian fonts 1.0 (has been the same forever)
iText-hyph-xml.jar Hyphenation (for all output formats) 1.0 (has been the same forever)
jaxen.jar XPath processing for dom4j 1.1.1
jcommon.jar Charting program - base functionality 1.0.13
jfreechart.jar Charting program 1.0.13
log4j.jar Logging program 1.2.12
poi.jar   XLS output


relaxngDatatype.jar Datatyping for XPath results No version provided
xsdlib.jar Datatyping for XPath results No version provided
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