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Keep vertically merged cells within a tag set


How to keep vertically merged cells within a tag set.


When you have a vertically merged set of cells, you must be careful to insure that they are all within (or outside) a tag pair such as forEach and if. This problem ususally occurs using the forEach tag and we will use it as the example.

Assume you have a table as follows (I use [tag] instead of the angle brackets because the wiki editor can't hande them):


Vertically merged cell [forEach]Name Address Phone number
[out/] [out/] [out/]


Here's the problem in the above case. The first iteration of the forEach works fine. But the 2nd and subsequent iterations start in the cell with "Name" in it. The initial vertically merged cell is not included in the forEach loop.

But in the 2nd row, the child cell of the vertically merged cell is included. As the child cell has no parent cell, there is no way to determine what to do. If you have children cells of a vertically merged cell inside a forEach, the parent cell must be included. If you have the parent included, all children cells must be included.

If you make this mistake, the engine will successfully complete, but how it handles this is undefined and can change.

Note: This is not an issue for horizontally merged cells as they are always a single cell that cannot be split by a tag.

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