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Locale, Localization and Internationalization


A definition of terms and how they are used in Windward.


Windward customers speak a wide range of languages and use various conventions for dates, numbers, etc. The following info is helpful in explaining how Windward works around the world.


Locale (called Culture in .NET) is the settings for a combination of language and region. It is generally described in the form en_US. So you can have es_US (Spanish US), which is different from es_ES (Spanish Spain). This sets things like the currency symbol, decimal settings (123.456,78 vs.123,456.78 vs.123 456.78), etc. This can be just a language, just a country, both, or both plus a sub-setting.


Internationalization (usually written I18N) means a program can run using any language and locale. A program in English that can display any alphabet and will use the locale settings to display numbers, dates, etc. is internationalized.

All our products are fully internationalized.


Localization (L10N) means the program has had its text translated to that language. For some, true L10N means the bitmaps displayed are also redone to match local norms (i.e. no left hand for stop in Arabic cultures).

  • The engine has been about 95% localized for 22 languages.
  • AutoTag has been mostly localized in German, Hungarian, & Russian. It has been about 10% localized in Japanese.
  • We can easily localize for any language.
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