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Recommended Version of MS Office for AutoTag Stability


Windward recommends using Microsoft Office 2016 (or the newest version of Office) as a standard. Windward supports all versions of MS Office 2007 and newer. When Office 365 is downloaded and installed on a desktop, the version is simply 2016.  

Note that there can be problems when a user is logged into Office 365, using the browser version of 365, and opens a template or Output (generated) document within that environment. There is no support from Microsoft for the browser versions of Office, so we cannot offer support. If you run into trouble, simply use or open the document in question on a desktop version of MS Office.



Many template is working with AutoTag on one developer's machine but do not function correctly on another another developer's machine. Each developers has a different version of Microsoft Word installed. What is the recommended version of Microsoft Office to use with AutoTag for maximum stability?



Windward recommends using Microsoft Office 2016 (or the newest version of Office) as a standard.

The RTF format varied between major versions of MS Office as well as minor service pack releases and this is why Windward does not support that format any longer.


Using the new Office 2007+ formats resolves this issue as they are interpreted the same between all version of Microsoft Office. For earlier versions of MS Office you can install the MS Office 2007 Compatibility Pack; this will allow you to both read and write in the new MS Office 2007 formats. However, Windward no longer supports Office 2003 and earlier.


Microsoft Pack to read/write Office 2007 File Formats


Another hint is to build your documents in the new MS Office 2007 format (DOCX, XLSX, PPTX). The specification written by Microsoft is VERY exact and this gives Windward greater control over generation of the final document.

Using RTF is not recommend and no longer supported by Windward. The link below will explain why:


Windward has discontinued support of the RTF format