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Restarting Ordered Lists


You have a set of ordered lists like this:

1. Number 1
2. Number 2
3. Number 3

Some text in between

4. Number 1
5. Number 2
6. Number 3


What you really want is both lists to start at 1.


There are two ways to solve this. First, if the numbered lists are generated by FOREACH tags, you can use the RESTART option. See the FOREACH Reference.

The second way, if the individual lists are NOT generated by FOREACH tags (or there are multiple ordered lists within a single foreach loop), you'll need to use Microsoft Word tools to restart. To do this, you can either set the numbered list to a different style, or you can right-click where you want the renumbering to begin and click "restart numbering" on the shortcut menu, as described by Microsoft here.

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