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Windward License Keys Corruption


What to do when a license key is corrupt or reporting "Invalid license key (BAD_XML)".


Problem: A license key is corrupt or reporting "Invalid license key (BAD_XML)".

Answer: Microsoft Outlook corrupts UUEncoded strings sent originally as an HTML email, but then forwarded via a plain text email.

Issue: The license can become corrupted when a person who received an HTML email from Windward with the proper license key, then forwards that key as a plain text email to another recipient. When this happens Microsoft Outlook corrupts the encoding and starts duplicating lines of text in the key. This issue has been reported to Microsoft and has not yet been fixed.


Recommended action: It is always best to login to the online store to download your license keys. You can copy and paste each key from the store. For more information please refer to our license article.

Best email practice: After receiving your Windward license key, place it in a text file and save it. Then forward this text file through your organization as needed. The text file will not be corrupted. Windward does not distribute license keys via a text file because the email attachment could be initially blocked by firewalls.

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