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Windward FAQ Advanced Questions

0. Basic Questions:

Advanced Questions:

I thought this was supposed to be easy; why am I having trouble?

Windward Reports, particularly our design tool, AutoTag, represents a paradigm shift in enterprise reporting. Reporting is too simple a task to involve so much complex and time-consuming work. We recommend you check out our tutorials page, our support page , or e-mail us at Windward's unique approach may take some getting used to, especially if you have only labored with banded designers. Everyone agrees though, Windward is light years ahead of the competition.

The report.htm does not look exactly like the template.

If you create an HTML report without a CSS file (cascading style sheet), there are a lot of limits on what can be done (i.e. no right alignment, limited control of font sizes). When you use RunReport and give a .htm extension, or you write your own program and set:

ProcessHtml.setCss( ProcessHtml.CSS_NO, null, null);

Then it is creating a report without a CSS. Instead set it to

ProcessHtml.setCss( ProcessHtml.CSS_INCLUDE, null, null);

Fonts are not installed on the server.

Follow this guide to aid you in troubleshooting missing fonts on your server:  All About Fonts

What kind of fonts am I able to use when creating a PDF report? Some fonts don't seem to work.

You need to set the PDF generation to not use only the internal fonts. You can do this in the file by setting:

pdf.font_level=1 # or 2

or in your code with the call:

ProcessPdf.setFontLevel( ProcessPdf.FONT_NO_EMBED); // or FONT_EMBEDDED

When you encounter a problem, even if you solve it yourself, please let us know about it. We can then add the issue here or in the support forum for future users.

Can I generate barcodes in Windward Reports templates?

This is easily accomplished in Windward. You just need to purchase a barcode font and install it on your Windows and Unix systems. In MS Office you can select a Windward tag and then set the font to the barcode font. When the report is generated the proper barcode will be generated from the output of the tag.

This page provides links to current barcode fonts.

Note: some of the barcode fonts you will need to pay for, there is a readme.txt listing the fees. Download from the link above.

How do I add a timestamp to a template for when a report is generated?

You need to add a 'PrintDate' field, not a 'Date' field.

For example, in Office 2007 select the Insert tab from the ribbon, click on 'Quick Parts,' and then click on 'Fields...'  Then select PrintDate from the left hand column, choose your desired format, and click Ok.

What should I include on Helpdesk tickets?

  1. Any template or data source you are currently experiencing issues with
  2. Any log file or stack trace when you received the error
  3. What Operating System  and service pack are you running?
  4. What version of Microsoft Office and service pack are you running?
  5. Example of how the output SHOULD look when the report runs correctly.

These answers will save lots of time and speed up your support process.

What namespace do I use for Beans?

NOTE: Beans have been deprecated in version 11 and replaced by other functionality.

Please do not use the net.windward.* namespace for your beans. There is no need for it to be in the same namespace.

Data Sourcing:

I am having trouble connecting to my data source, what am I doing wrong?

Data source connections are easily established with Windward, but sometimes third party networks are not calibrated correctly. To see first-hand how easy it is to connect to your data sourcewatch the data source connection video or go to our page on Types of Datasources. If you are still having trouble, contact our experts at and they will gladly help you solve whatever issues you may be having.

How can I use data from a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet?

We no longer support MS Excel as a data source.  Please contact for other options.

What about Package Naming?

If your data source is for proprietary data, please do not use the net.windward.* namespace for your class. There is no need for it to be in the same namespace. If you are creating a data source for a public data API, please check with us and we will assign you a package in the net.windward.datasource.* namespace.

Can data sources be written in C# for the .NET engine?

Yes. The ones we ship were originally written in J# but are now in C#.

Can I use my data source in AutoTag?

We are adding this capability in the near future. However there are two caveats. First you must also implement IDataSourceMetaData which provides AutoTag with the methods used to evaluate & validate tags. Second, you will not have a wizard as that is very data source specific.


See the AutoTag FAQ.

General Engine:

Is Windward multithreaded?


Java Engine:

See the Java Engine FAQs.

.NET Engine:

See the .NET Engine FAQs.


See the Arrow FAQs.


My question is not on here, what can I do?

A myriad of things. Contact us at and we'll put you in touch with the right people and resources. Windward is easy, but like anything, it's not always easy for everyone right away. That is why we here at Windward are here for you every step of the way.

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