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A bean provides you with the capability to add two sets of functionality to Windward Reports.

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Bean reference.


  • To provide the final text and formatting for any out or function tag. Note that this text can be totally independent of the text the out or function tag would normally produce.
  • To override any if tag’s true/false value and to end a forEach loop early.

Please note that beans are not a means to provide data to the report. If you wish to do that, write a data source (please see the Data Source Guide). Beans are designed as a very lightweight method of providing some commonly-needed functionality.

Windward Reports includes two beans available for your use. Their source code is included in the WindwardReports.jar file. The beans are:

  • RedNegative which will display positive numbers in black, and negative numbers in red.
  • RunningTotal which will keep a running total of numbers passed through it, and that total can then be displayed at any point in the report.

Finally, there are some special methods in each bean that exist solely for programs that access the Windward Reports Report Server over the network.

This document assumes the reader is an experienced Java programmer. It also assumes the reader is familiar with Microsoft Word.

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