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The purpose of the Bean Provider.

Bean Provider

Windward Reports gives you substantial control over the data source when formatting your report. However, you may find that you need additional control not provided with the standard tags. In this case, you may find that writing a Windward bean (a BeanProvider implementation) will give you the functionality you need.

The BeanProvider package was designed to be very lightweight and to ride on top of the existing tags. This means that writing a bean is usually easy – but it also means there are limits to what you can accomplish with a bean. If you find a bean too limiting, you should probably be writing a DataSourceProvider.

This interface, classes, and all implementations provided by Windward Studios are copyrighted by Windward Studios. You can write your own implementation of these interfaces with these restrictions:

  • This interface can only be used with Windward Reports. It cannot be used with other programs. Your code is yours. But the interfaces we have defined are ours.

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