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Here are our Latest Updates and Products:

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Version 15 and NEW User Interface!

It's here! Version 15 is available for download here. (Make sure to scroll down to v15)

You can browse below for our changes, or take a quick glance at our blog announcement.



What changed?


AutoTag Ribbon

Look and feel

AT Interface


Variables button is now “Input Parameters (was formerly in Manager Tab)

Input Parameters


Removed the Select Statement Field (is now only in the Tag Editor Query Tab) to allow advanced functionality with the bigger window instead of a small text box on the ribbon.

Tag Editor Query Tab


Copied Help, Sample Templates and Windward Tutor from AT Manager into a new Help section AutoTag.

AT Interface


Renamed Evaluate as “Preview”

AT Interface


Moved Equation into the Data section in AutoTag Manager.

ATM Interface


Moved Output button (still in same ribbon)

AT Interface

AutoTag Manager Ribbon

Moved Validate, DataCount and Debug from AutoTag Tab into the Data section in AutoTag Manager

ATM Interface


Moved Equation into the Data section in AutoTag Manager.

ATM Interface


Data Source button now has Status Indicators (green, yellow, red)

Connecting to a Data Source

Connecting to a Data Source

New single interface to replace 2 separate dialog boxes

Connecting to a Data Source

Rename a Datasource

All tags using that Data source will be automatically updated with that name.


Tag Editor/Tag Selector

Removed the top Tags Tab.

Tag Editor page


Added a Query tab as a field for typing or pasting in a select statement

  • (Removed Query DD)
  • Color Coding of Keywords
  • TypeAhead
  • Evaluate is now “Preview”

Tag Editor page


Properties moved into a Tab next to Query Tab

Tag Editor page

Generate Code

New Tab navigation at top

Generate Code Page

Additional menu options, color schemes, font sizes


Generate Code Page

SQL Select Debugger

Look and Feel

(article coming soon)


Stored Procedure Wizard

Store Procedures


Improved Exceptions pane

(article coming soon)

Data Tree

Now includes a preview of data

(article coming soon)

PDF Improvements Even better PDF output Blog article and comparison
XPath 2.0 as Data Source Adds various capabilities such as inequalities, descending sort, joins, and other functions. What's new in XPath 2.0?



Earlier Versions

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Version 13 

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