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AutoTag What's New Version 11

Version 11


​New Addition
(click feature name for detailed information)
New Chart Tag It lets you do everything the previous one does -- but it's a lot easier to create the select statements.
Native Charts Charts in the template that are not chart tags but rather are just plain old office charts are now carried over to the output. If the output is the matching file type, it's an Office chart. If the format is not Office, it's a rendered PDF chart.
Template Debugger From AutoTag you will be able to run a template and stop in the debugger as it extracts and/or applies tags generating the report. This should help a lot in tracking down subtle errors in the run-time logic of a template.
Bookmark Tag You can now place bookmarks in the template using a select. These can be linked to from hyperlinks.
Embedded Objects DOCX -> DOCX and XLSX -> XLSX output as embedded object. DOCX/XLSX -> anything else output as bitmap rendering of object from last time the template was open in Office.
Shapes and Smart Art DOCX -> DOCX and XLSX -> XLSX. See limitations in Output Format Limitations
Hyphenated Text You can now set your templates so they allow for hyphenated text.
PDF/A support Documents can now be output in Portable Document Format Archive.



Deprecated in Version 11:

  1. Beans are deprecated (and replaced with IEventHandler) – this, along with custom functions, provides a cleaner and more powerful way to provide a run-time response to the reporting engine.

  2. Function tag was deprecated in version 9 and is now removed. Please use custom functions instead.

  3. Support for Office 2000 was dropped. We dropped this because Office 2000 is rarely used and has some serious limitations in the API it provides to AutoTag.

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