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AutoTag Whats New Version 10

Version 10.1


​New Addition
(click feature name for detailed information)
​Excel Cell Wrapping-Truncate in PDF ​Creating a rectangle to crop the text in PDF so all the text is properly shown.
Switch Tag ​The Switch tag is an if tag within an if tag. This tag is a fairly complicated tag that will allow users to create more complex tables. Turns multiple combined if tags into a single switch and multiple case tags.
Data Bin enhancement​ Prompts for what columns to drop.​
Timeout​ Can set timeout for report generation.​
Enhanced ForEach tag Additional functionality including column-major expansion​ and block-style (foreach expand without affecting surround cells in a table).


Version 10


​New Addition
(click feature name for detailed information)
Tag Tree Lists tags inside the Tag Builder for better organization and functionality.
Clean Template in CMD ​When you use the engine to run a report that has no data sources, it cleans up the template.
Show All Imports In Templates ​Will now display all imports in your documents
CSV Report Output ​Support CSV as an output format. This is a basic spreadsheet output that has each cell separated by a comma and each row by a cr/lf.
AutoTag XML datasource-SP and Rest ​How AutoTag opens XML files that are stored in SharePoint. This would add a combo-box for XML data sources with 3 choices: standard, REST, and SharePoint.
Equations and Functions ​Support for complex equations and functions with a user interface that evaluates as you type. 
Conditional Formatting Allows you to change formatting based on your own conditions.
Sorting of XML Datasources​ Select node(s) within the result set to sort the order of nodes returned by the forEach for XML data.​
List Imports tool List all files imported using the import tag.​
​Set Credentials for Imports Set a username & password for an imported file.​
Colorizer tool Shows where paragraphs & cells in the template are used in the final report.​



Deprecated in Version 10:

  1. HTML tag is removed (use <wr:out type='template')

  2. beans are deprecated and will be removed in version 11 (use macros and conditional formatting)

  3. Matrix, column and row tag. This has been replaced with extensions to the foreach tag. These tags are no longer supported.

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