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AutoTag Whats New Version 6

  • AutoTag Implemented in Microsoft Excel

  • Full image support now available in Excel templates

  • New Samples and Help System

  • Excel average() function 

  • Added Start Here popup to AutoTag

  • (Excel Supported) Tabs in XML data now expanded into tabs

  • Last 5 data connections saved in drop-down in AutoTag

  • Completely new code for part of the engine that handles soft line & page breaks - mainly used by PDF and TXT output

  • Vertical text now supported. (HTML & Excel not supported in this version, but will be in next release)

  • Vertical text working for HTML, XLS(X) (all outputs now supported)

  • Semaphore option included for running large number of threads simultaneously. This will decrease performance if used

  • Created Recorder DataSource

  • Added logging for bean use

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